Jonah Senzel

Composer and Sound Designer


Composer for the Video Game Pony Island

Praise for the Pony Island Original Soundtrack

‘A dynamic and bubbling tribute to 8bit melody that stands comfortably alongside the likes of Undertale and Shovel Knight in its inventiveness and listen-without-playing-appeal.’

-VICE Gaming

‘A big contributor to the game’s overall feel is the music...There is an excellent dichotomy between the ‘cheerful façade’ and the player’s realization of the game’s looming antagonist. A large part of this is the music choice.’

‘Jonah Senzel has put together a masterful score here. Tracks like “Enter Pony” and “Louey’s Playhouse” sound like music you’d expect from games of the time period Pony Island is trying to emulate, and leave plenty of room for tracks that are setpiece defining, like “The Machine” and “Sanctuary,” to create instantly memorable moments in the game.’

‘There's a lot of really good music in the soundtrack, and thanks to the very nature of the game, there's a lot of variety to what you'll be listening to as you play. The way the game changes as you progress gives a lot of opportunities to explore different musical arrangements and styles, and I think they did an excellent job with that.’

Pony Island OST vinyl released by Black Screen Records

Composer and Sound Designer for the Video Game The Hex

6 different Original Soundtracks were composed for 6 fictional video games within the world of The Hex

Other Music

An Indie experimental folk album from my project Mt. Telegraph

Instrumental Pieces


Originally from Cape Cod, now in the NYC area. I love playing games and watching films as much as I do writing for them! Always looking for new and experimental ways to create expressive music, and to collaborate with artists of all disciplines.

some of my favorite games are

-Hyper Light Drifter
-Risk of Rain
-Nuclear Throne

some of my favorite films are

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Synecdoche, New York
-8 1/2
-Fantastic Mr. Fox
-Pulp Fiction


The best way to reach me is by email, either directly at or through the contact form below.

prices vary depending on the project

I'll be happy to write you a music sample for your project at no cost